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Manufacturing industry, as the main part of national economy, is the foundation to make the country prosperous and strong. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a new pattern of world economic development. During the wave of this Industrial Revolution, “made in china”, with unprecedented vigour, is in course of catching up with and surpassing as well as leading the new development of “made in the world” vigorously.

China Manufacturing International Forum (or MIF) was sponsored and held in Tianjin since 2003, aiming to discern the development tendency of “made in the world” from an international perspective and to promote the exchange and blending of “made in china” and “made in the world” and realize common development. 

Each session, with more than 1500 conferees, has a main forum and dozens of simultaneous special meetings on which over a hundred hot issues on manufacturing industry were discussed. In recent years, focused on the theme of “from made in China to created in China---to structure a nascent state for manufacturing industry”, the Forum, through the forms of expert speech, case analysis, special meeting discussion, multi-lateral dialogue, model visit, interactive answering and salon exchange, has conducted heated discussions on the key and difficult points of the development of manufacturing industries. China Manufacturing International Forum is praised as the manufacturing Davos for its “Internationalization, professionalization and practicability”. 

The success of the Forum has gained great support from government and institutions, such as Tianjin Municipal Government, Tianjin Binhai New Area Government and Tianjin Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology; Numerous colleges and universities as well as professional institutions, such as Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, IIC, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University and Michigan University, have carries out deep cooperation with the Forum. International Manufacturing Alliance, sponsored in 2003, injecting more vitality and value for the Forum, has become a platform for international cooperation and exchange and commercial abutment focusing resources from all sectors of society.